Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

It has been cold up here in Northlandia.  Saturday was the first day I didn't feel compelled to wear a hoodie or sweatshirt.  The Cabin in the Woods must have good insulation because it seems I am always chilly in here.  The above scene was recorded by my phone when I ventured into Emerald City to sell some skins for firewood.  

I feel like I've been placed in a nursing home:  everyone keeps me so busy I haven't had a chance to get homesick.


I caused quite a stir when I went up to Beer Bellies to meet Mr. and Mrs. Wombie with my sandals and painted toes.  The other patrons were quite flummoxed and several given to the vapors.  My manhood was impugned, my reputation sullied, and best of all, I didn't give a shit.  Age is sometimes a wonderful thing.  I repost the picture of my Norah beautifying me for my journey North.

If it's good enough for Norah, 
it's good enough for Beer Bellies.


This blog was begun this week EIGHT years ago this coming Saturday. 

Back then the current Mrs. Blythe, Kenzie, and Drew were in Florida,  Brendan was in Iraq and I was the lone holdout - in North Henderson after the sale of our home in G-Burg.  The purpose and idea for Existing In BFE was to simply let my family know what I was doing.  

The first post was simply this:  

Welcome To BFE - May 28, '08

Well, isn't this awkward? While this may seem a bit pretentious to have a blog of my activities (my activities are rather bland), it serves as a place my family can see what is going on with me, and allows me to express in pictures and words my life in BFE*. That others in my circle can keep tabs on me is just gravy. Updates will be fairly regular and excuse me when I get off track on subjects. Remember, this is expression and therapy.

* For those unfamiliar with BFE, email me and we'll get you educated.

Not sure how much more is in me, but we will endeavor to persevere a while longer. 

Kenzie, Drew, Nancy, Norah, Alfred and Brendan:  I'm fine.


The quest for cuteness in men's urinals is evident in bars and taverns across the land. No need for a humdrum emptying of one's bladder when we can have fun with it too.  I have posted past attempts at fun in the john, and I now include the latest, taken at the Railhead Bar and Grill somewhere in the Quad Cities.

Nice place, the food was good and taking a piss in a keg was fun.


Sun coming up in Seaton.  


This silly little video is me trying to make Norah smile.  You see, this is my last day before I leave for Illinois and she isn't to happy with her Papa.  She is, frankly, mad at me.  But I accomplish my mission. 


Thanks for the Apple Butter, Carrie.  Neighbor Tim's wife is an artist, canner, and does leatherworking.  A talented lady.  He married up.

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