Monday, May 2, 2016

Welcome to Woodbury

I don't watch it but I'm told quite a few people do.  Today's post is a collection of shots from Woodbury, Georgia.  A little TV show called The Walking Dead is filmed here and in the outskirts.  I tried to get into it, a few times just to keep up with every member of the family who go nuts over each episode.  But, sadly or happily, I don't get it and have finally abandoned even the try.  Because of this I get to play with Norah on the Sunday nights it airs.  Fine with me.   

Like I said, I couldn't give two hoots (or even one) for the show, but the current Mrs. Blythe does.  She is the author of these shots and I heard a certain kind of sound as we were traveling these roads and something looked close to one of the scenes of the show.  

As she was out taking some of the railroad shots, and I was in the car patiently waiting, she returned and showed me this flattened penny sitting on one of the rails she spotted.  I have no idea how fresh this is - it could possibly have been there a long time.  It is one of the small ironies that we run into every once in a while - someone wanted a train to sqish this penny, and then they didn't wait to retrieve it.  And it sat on that rail - until someone randomely came along and saw it.  Kind of amazing.  But I still don't like the show.

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