Thursday, July 28, 2016

Revisiting Seaton Power Show - Part 1

There's not much left of Seaton, Illinois anymore.  When we boys were living there as kids there was a gas station, an auto repair shop, a hardware store, a plumbing business, a newspaper, a post office, restaurant, grocery store, a bank, a veterinarian, grain elevator, trucking business, barber shop and the Smarjasse shop that was hard to catagorize.  All that is left is a bank, cafe, post office and fertilizer company. 

Every couple of years they would bring in a small carnival and the weekend would bring in all kinds of folks.  I recall one time that they had go-carts at these things, too, which was always something I kind of wanted growing up.  It was a big deal for our little town.  

Nowadays they have a pancake breakfast a coupel times a year and the Seaton Power Show in July.  "Power" mostly meaning tractors.  I stopped in last year, too, so these pictures will be reminiscent of last years.  I think they have a pretty good show, along with small engines and they even had an old car.  

Let's walk, shall we?

Since this is Part 1, you can expect Part 2 in the upcoming few days.  OK, so maybe being a farmer helps you digest this post, but beauty and art in iron and an appreciation of things that help us in our work is always worth our consideration.  Thanks for tagging along.  

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