Monday, June 26, 2017

Scenes Of Northlandia

Northlandia in Black and White, And Some Color

This may be my favorite.  This is a small hillside cemetery just east of New Windsor and west of Alpha.   An old wrought iron gate opening is all that is left of what must have been like iron all around this acreage.  The symbolism and irony is striking.  

This is Emerald City's library, in day and nighttime.  (Thirst for knowledge nevers sleeps.)  It was built in 1915 by a Carnegie grant. The Andrew Carnegie Foundation built 1,628 free public libraries in the U.S.  Grant monies were usually around $10,000 to cities and villages across the country.  Towns had to prove they wanted one, and had to provide the land for the structure.   A surprising number still exist - many have been remodeled but many have not.  Having been inside this one, my guess is this is the original layout.  Aledo is lucky to have it.  

This is the old Northside school.  They bussed us Seaton kids over to this Junior High when I was a kid.  Now it is empty.  I recall getting my first "D" from Mr. Stroud.  I was devastated.  Mr. Lotz was a cool teacher during my junior high days.  He remains in my head because he once said that in war you should not follow any rules.  In war survival is paramount.  Last time I saw him I was driving out of Geneseo after a car show.  A car came up next to me in the left turn lane.  He honked his horn.  He was wearing a jaunty beret and saluted.   

In my Emerald City early morning walks I came across something you see in movies but never see in real life.  A tire hanging from a tree limb.  This iPhone picture looks like a painting.

I accompany the Wombie on his early morning water jobs to Seaton and Joy.  The above two pics are from Joy.  Main Street America has been decimated.

The above three pics are from New Windsor.  I was driving through one time heading to either BFE or G-Burg and saw these worthy subjects.

This final pic is an old barn with a nice cupola I spotted near G-Burg.   I'm liking black and white more often.

That's it for today.  More coming soon.

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