Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits

The Cabin in the Woods is a great place to hang out for a few months every year.  It is buttoned up and ready for Summer Tour Part 2  in a few weeks.


Under the heading "You Get What You Pay For", antenna TV is strictly for nursing homes.  Only those on death's doorstep can appreciate Perry Mason, Hazel, The Big Valley and all those courtroom judge shows.   There's even a French speaking channel that features movies. French, of course.  That's why it was so bizarre to turn it on last Wednesday early morning and find the greatest submarine warfare movie ever made.  Das Boot (The Boat) was playing on This Channel.  I also noticed I got some new free channels:  5 religious and one comedy.  All very lame.  No thanks.


While taking an early morning walk about Emerald City, I came across chalk drawings in the street.  Looked like kids had been playing a bit of tic-tac-toe.  Nice to see the kidlings heading out on the streets and getting away from the Nintendo's (do they even exist anymore?), computer games and MTV (does it even exist anymore?).  Well, whatever kids do nowadays.    

Pleased that I came across good old fashioned street art and a sign that kids still played outside in an era of electronics, I walked on.  And then this was a few steps away.  Phallic artwork has adorned streets, cobblestones, caves, canvases and marble since we discovered phallus's.  Nice to see Emerald City joining in on the fun. 


The world's most inane non-statement statement:

"It is what it is."

There should be a law against this phrase.  But, it is what it is


Visited the Corner Tap in Blue Grass to meet Bro Phil and SisIL Jeanne.  Nice place.  The bar features this unique bar-top beer cooler.  


"I am become Death.  A Destroyer of Worlds."  

Greatly saddened to see us withdraw from the Paris Accord.  I am a firm believer in climate change and we are very close to a threshold where what we do will be irreversible.  Is the Accord enforceable?  No.  Is it the final guarantor of a healthy planet? No.  It is a, however, a universal symbol of of recognition that we leave a negative footprint on this planet.  That symbol is the belief that we can make our place healthier and cleaner.  Of course, we won't be around when and if  it does go off the cliff but our grandkids will.  Forgive us. 

Remember that neat old Twilight Zone where the woman is slowly going mad because of the increasing heat?  Turns out she is deleriois because of the increasing cold. One of the best omes for irony and plot twist.

Guess I'm not done yet.  To have blatant proof of global climate change in front of your face presented by scientists and people who study this for a living and still deny it with no reasoning behind your decision?  Literally the dumbest thing ever.  How is this guy even capable of functioning as a human being?


Bro Phil and the Wombie yucking it up over his birthday gift from us.  It's a Cubs engraved bat noting the World Series victory. It wasn't cheap.  Here's hoping we start a new brotherly birthday tradition.  Hey Flip, mine's in November. 


The Met's are lousy this year.  And poor, Mr. Met, decided to take out his frustration on the fans by giving them the finger.  

Then there is the fact that he only has four fingers so does that really count?  And what does Mrs. Met have to say about this lewd public behavior?  Bet he's grounded and has to watch Cubs baseball for a month.   


Weekend chance to ride even though it was a bit windy.  Some high water in K-Burg at the boat dock.  No barges because of the flooding so one of my favorite photographic endeavors was not available this trip.


Caveat Emptor

I screwed up a couple times this month with purchases.  My fault entirely so not mad at anyone except myself.   

1.  The truck needed an oil change so I tried one of those quickie Jiffy lube places.  I knew from past experiences that you need to watch out for add-ons so I was ready for them.  I thought I'd get out of there with maybe a $35-40 bill.  I was in G-Burg and noticed the old Pit Stop was shuttered but remembered there was a second one.  The name had changed from what it was 15 years ago and was now called Lube Stop.  I did OK one add-on, an air filter. I kinda thought it might be important.  Total bill was $77.26.  Stupid Mike.

2.  Stopped at Blick Art Supplies because I needed some darker red.  I was looking the racks over and saw Payne's Gray (I have a fetish over this color for some reason) so I grabbed it and noticed the cost was $6.85.  OK, and now the red.  I saw a tube for Cadmium Red Medium and purchased a couple of wooden eggs for the girls in Kitschland for .77 each.  I'm ready to pay about $15 bucks, right?  That second tube of red was $22.89 and the total was $36.62.  My fault.  Dumb stupid Mike.   

It's all part of the Consumer Game.  Win some, lose some.



This article published in the New York Post warns about a new trend that women are putting ground up wasp nests in their vaginas as a kind of cleansing renewal agent.  


Saw a recent list of best and worst cities for parks area.  St. Petersburg, Kitschland (right down the road from me) was 16th best in the U.S.  Indianapolis was the worst.  No listing for Emerald City.


As you read this and slurping your oatmeal this morning I am back in the saddle babysitting a wee one.  I will be happy to resume my duties but perhaps a bit weepy over a great month up North now in the rear view mirror.  But wait - there's round 2 coming up!  By the way, it was nice to see Mike E., Danny L., Kevin G., the Professor, and the girls I have breakfast with.  Also Dot, Lance and Nephew Aaron and Family.

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