Monday, June 19, 2017

Winter In Northlandia

Readers with superhuman memory banks may remember that I left a SD card from my camera in Northlandia last December.  I even forgot about it until I arrived last month to discover some winter pics I took at that time.  No, I don't have superhuman memory banks - more like those maddening Russian dolls that contain another doll, only smaller.  Always empty.  

Here, then are a few of those pictures I took.  It may also be a bit refreshing what with the recent heat wave up there.   

After looking at these you may be moved to run to the closet and open that plastic bag containing your sweaters.  STOP!  Look outside, it is warm.  It is summer.  It is June.  Go mow the lawn. It will get hot.  Whew.  That was close.  Come back tomorrow for Tidbits and then the day after for more mind-boggling posts.  You can thank me later.  Buy me a beer.  

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