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It is still a "go" for Brendan's return from Iraq next Wednesday. Latest word: he has been running some final convoys as a gunner and we have lost contact with him (this means they are shutting down). Their company is packed and as soon as their convoys are over, he will move into Kuwait till their flight back to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
I will be leaving next Tuesday for Clarksville, Tennessee and watch the welcome home ceremony on Wednesday. Then back home on Thursday. Mackenzie can't make it, work won't allow it, but Nancy is planning on being there, and Karen (GF) from England is flying in also.


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In 2018 I Resolve
Resolutions, they tell me, are silly things.  Easily broken, quickly forgotten, they are largely meaningless.  That's what they tell me.  I, therefore, resolve:  

I resolve to be a better citizen.  Democracy needs participation, and I have been half-assed if assed at all.  Good citizens need to work at it, to study and to be engaged.  They need to ferret out the facts and be blind to base personal assumptions or ignorance.

I resolve to stop the cycle of watching the news, becoming pissed and then endless viewing to see what happens next.  There are other things to do much more rewarding than being on the frontlines of the Second American Civil War.  

Combining the first two I resolve to resist stupidity or lies in politics or politicians.  Resist being fed lies.  I further resolve to resist blogging political crap.  The U.S. will right itself, or it won't.  The country will embrace Trumpism or it won't.  The people will confirm their values or they'll for…

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