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A Couple Items In the Paper

Yesterdays Galesburg Register-Mail had an interesting ad on page three. It reads: "Thank You, To my son-in-law (not either of my daughters) for taking me to the emergency room." Well, that should be a cheery Thanksgiving Dinner.
* By the way, what is that thing in the lower left-hand corner. Is it a pepper? Or pickle? The mystery thickens.

The other is a rather sad one, announcing the closing of the old Skate Palace. We used to take some of the better behaved kids at the Mary Davis Home, back in the day when we were able to so such things. They had fun and the place seemed well run and supervised. However, just a year or so ago when I was working at the Knox County Academy it was a popular Friday night place to go. I can remember talking to some of them on Mondays and they would talk about the fights they intentionally choreographed, just for the fun of it. In fact I usually asked on Fridays if they were going to the Palace and fight, and many would say yes, and they had their targets all worked out. Sad way to have fun, and sad end to a good positive place that seemed to be anachronistic in today's world.

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