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Night Moves 1

A few weeks ago I posted some night time photos and promised more.  Well, here they are.  I think they turned out rather nicely, the blogger proclaimed with humility.  Last time I was down here they kicked me out.  Apparently there are hours to the waterfront parks.  This time I waited till almost dawn.   Again, there isn't much commentary necessary on these.  These were taken at my favorite haunts: Demen's Landing and the Vinoy Park which are nestled along the Bay.  

These are the best of many taken.  Don't think for one second I had anything to do with it.  The camera was most of it, as I just pointed it to a place and then pushed the shutter.  If I experimented and it was lousy then it was deleted.  Many were.   I am still navigating through ISO, f-stop and aperture settings.  I've got the shutter speeds down, I think, but like golf, about the time you think you have it under control, something flies off and throws everything out of whack again.      

Thanks for looking and tomorrow I'll have some more nighttime pics.  One other thing before I go.  At this time of night the only people downtown are the occasional walking panhandler and taxi drivers waiting for fares at the Vinoy Hotel.  Otherwise the streets are empty.  It's a little disconcerting,  almost apocalyptic.  But as the sky gets just a little brighter, the cars start, the joggers begin, and the city comes to life.


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