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Good Morning Vinoy

Up early Saturday morning (4:00 AM, December 28th) and I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.  A few days ago I missed the prettiest red morning as the sun was rising and figured I'd go down to the Vinoy and see if I could get it today.  Sadly, it was too cloudy but took some shots anyway.  Some are familiar sights but how can one tire of such scenes?  Here, then, are a few pictures of a gray chilly morning in Saint Pete at the Vinoy Resort and Park.

My first shot of the morning and I left my flash on from previous shooting during Christmas.  At first I thought it was a bad one, but upon second viewing, it might be OK.

This sculpture lies in the heart of the southern part of the Vinoy Park.  It is simple, elegant and is called the "Truth" sculpture.  It was created in 1980 by Rolf Brommelsick.  

It was about 5:15 - 5:30 AM.  The boats along the marina in the foreground and the skyline of the city in the background.

If one wanted to stay in the fanciest hotel in town they would pick the Vinoy.  A room that has no view starts at $199 and one with a view of the Bay starts at $240.  And that was just an ordinary weekend rate in January.  I checked for Memorial Day weekend and, yes, the rates are higher.  Someday it would be nice to do just to say you did.  Anyway, that is the supposedly haunted Vinoy Tower all lighted up in red.  

Picture of downtown and the fog-enshrouded tops of the buildings.

No outing to the Park is complete without at least one shot of the now-deserted and lonely Pier.  

This is a park area off of the Pier.  Seldom used, and little activity in this one.  

The Truth sculpture again this time with apartment towers in the back, some decked out with Christmas lights. 

The wind was whipping pretty good this morning and the water was choppy.  

Shot of Beach Drive, and Straub park is on the extreme right and on down is the Museum of Fine Arts and then shops and restaurants the closer you get to Central Avenue.  Clear on down is the Dali Art Museum, where the guards wear tuxes.  

The boats all parked in the Marina, with one owner's festive lighting.  

The beautiful gold Christmas tree in the ballroom of the Vinoy Resort.

One condo owner at the Vinoy decorated their iron wrought fence.

The city is now coming to life.  This area is a favorite for joggers.  But still able to get out in the middle of the street to snap pictures. 


These cameras cannot overcome stupid or sloppy photographers.  I thought I'd try a fancy timer shot: put on a 10-second timed delay and then jump in front to be included in the shot.  What I miserably failed to understand was, first, who wants to see me, and second, that the camera was focused on the skyline and therefore, any object would be unfocused in the foreground.  

I learned, therefore, to be more thoughtful of you viewers; to stay behind the camera and in this case, anyway, a blurred me is far better than a me focused.


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