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Tidbit Tuesday

1.  This is Tim Minchin.  I know nothing about him and I understand he is Australian.  He looks a little creepy but I guess musicians need some kind of freak-on to be remembered by if the songs bomb.  It is a strange song.  Politically incorrect (not always a bad thing) and religiously untethered, BUT, it has a great message of family, and safety, and love.  

Its a song called White Wine In the Sun. You may be tempted to end your Minchin experience at a number of places but hear it through and you will be surprised at how well you like it in the end.  

2.  My physical therapy continues with some amazing results.  My range of motion has increased and level of pain has decreased in the past 2 weeks.  I am still experiencing pain at the outer ranges but I can now comb the right side of my head and putting on a belt is now much easier.  

Eddie, my humorless therapist, is pleased with me and we are starting some strength exercises this morning.  The above picture is a clandestine picture of the place and the receptionist who is a bit less dour than the rest of the employees.  

The room is complete with the rack, limb stretchers, caning sticks, thumbscrews and pillory.  The only time I see these therapists grin is when one of us gives out a muffled sound of pain.  

3.  Here is wishing everyone a safe New Year's.  I suspect, if the past is any indication, that I shall be in bed long before the opening bell.   


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