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Icicle Cold

Second day trip around the Mercer County area.   

Of course, nothing here will astound anyone in the North.  This is what you guys have been seeing for the past five months, but for a winter-starved visitor from Florida, it was like catnip.  To those who have lived it this winter, my apologies for dredging up more white stuff, but for anyone in the South climes who have never seen it, like Norah, its a sight to behold.

I fear this is all for today, constitutions being the way they are for the sagging souls in Illinois.  The icicles were spied in Aledo between a couple buildings not far from the old Legends saloon.  As a side note, the snow was rather deep and as I was navigating the area to take these pictures, I fell down when I stepped on something slanted.  I'm sure it was funny to the 2 witnesses in the car, those who remained inside to keep warm.  But I got my shots.  

The other pictures were at the pump house on the east side of Seaton.  I have no idea what critter made the tracks but the first ones were larger than the skittering small ones underneath.    


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