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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Last Sunday (March 9th) Richard Barton from Burgess spent the day at Shawshank.  His wife, Andrea, had given him a plane ticket to see some friends in Bradenton for his birthday for the weekend.  Always fun to be around Richard who has never known a pregnant pause.  We started with cigars and beer in the garage and ended in the porch, still drinking, and talking about everything.  An IHOP breakfast in the early morning, and off to the airport at 6:00 am.  Thanks Andrea for putting Shawshank on the itinerary, and thanks Richard for making the day so much fun.   

2.   Tax time is no fun, but TurboTax makes it a little easier.

3.  I applied to be an usher at the Tampa Bay Ray's baseball games.  Alas, I was not selected.  Guess I'll have to pay to watch the games like everyone else.  From now on, I'm going to be a high school graduate (and maybe not even that), and no more, on my applications. 

4.  Summer is returning to Florida.  Now we have hot days and cool nights.  Soon it will be hot all the time.

5.  Went to check out a little Pointer at the dog pound.  It turned out to be a yapper.  One of these days I'm going to pull the trigger on something not allowed at Shawshank, then we'll see what happens.

6.  One of the things Pat and I did when I stayed at her place last month was to have hot chocolate in her Keurig.  And a nice big fat marshmallow.  Guess who got one last week?  I wonder how that will taste when I'm dripping from sweat in the porch in June? 

7.  Contract expired with Verizon so upgraded to new iPhone and reduced my bill by $30.00.  I wonder how that happened? 


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