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Things I Don't Like At Car Shows

I've been to scores of car shows, maybe even hundreds.  For a few years there I attended one every weekend all summer long.  Some people golf, others fish.  I went to show off my Plymouth or Imperial.  Did I want a trophy?  Of course.  Did I often win? Yes.  Don't let anyone fool you: people will say they aren't in it for the trophies, but they lie.  We are all proud of our cars and want to gain recognition for them.  

I used to know a guy who I have forgotten his name who was terribly obnoxious at shows.  He had a late 50's Chrysler 300 which was perfect in every way and when he didn't win he would bitch to anyone and everyone.  He died of cancer shortly after I started going to shows.  I didn't like him at all.  

There are other things I have grown to dislike at car shows.  Not everyone,m thank God feels the same way - these are strictly my feelings.  

I don't like guys bringing their brand cars to shows.  The car above is a new Mustang.  Big deal.  I do make exceptions for new Corvettes or those retro Chevy trucks.  They are rare but Mustangs are a dime a dozen.

I don't like having to put up the hood and trunks for exhibition.  My engine bay is pristine and truck is perfect, it's not that I have anything to hide.  I just don't think cars are at their best with all the openings exposed.  It's like lifting up the skirt of a ladies garment - rude and uncivil.  Cars were made to be seen naturally - as if they were adding at a stop light.  For car shows perhaps hoods and doors and trunks can be lifted a couple hours while judging is being done, then lower them.

If you have a crack in the vinyl or leather, throwing a towel over it to hide is actually brings more attention to it.

I don't like it when people keep the windows rolled up.  I want to take in the interior and its smells and nook and crannies.  I won't vote for anyone who doesn't allow a complete inspection.  

The above two pictures show owners trying to impress me with a class award and a trophy their car has won in the past.  As if that will sway me to automatically vote for their car.  That big trophy sitting in the back is nothing more than braggadocio - it needs to be back home in the garage, not the back seat. 

This is an old car with stock interior.  Old Mohair seats and an old 30's dash.  Looks nice, real history.  So what does he have on his shifter?  Its an old Budweiser tap knob.  It ruins everything.  

I hate the drive-in restaurant accoutrements people put on their cars.  You know, those old trays that the girls on their roller skates put on the sides of your car to hold the burgers and root beer.  This owner not only has the ugly paraphernalia hiding their car but the inside was plastered with stuffed dolls, boys in bib overalls and all the other stuff that turns the rolling art into a gaudy sideshow of silver and plastic.

You've spend a gazillion on a truck restoration complete with wood staining and paint job.  You decide to show it and throw everything you will need at the show in the back.  Okay so far.  But then when you  get there you leave everything in the back end.  Tacky and lazy.

I'm not much for non-stock cars.  Too much chrome and crap in the engine area makes me want to just keep walking on.  

Bushnell isn't a concours event.  By all means take a cover and enjoy the day under it to stay out of the sun.  I said you, not the car!

I do like things about shows and I will post them in a few days.  


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