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Tuesday Tidbits

We all have pet peeves.  Some of mine may be because I'm just out of touch on some things.  But those Star Trek type phones people attach to their ears look goofy and self-important.  I understand Illinois' zero tolerance for phone usage when driving, but dang if I understand why you have to have one dangling from your ear when you get gas like this guy filling up at Casey's.  


The Mets won the East Division last Saturday and will be in the post-season for the first time in 9 years.  I have a bottle of champagne in the fridge that I will uncork at some point to celebrate.  I need to get a nice cigar for the occasion as well.  By the way, those T's are pretty cool, too.  (The East Is Ours)


This beautiful creature was on my front step in Emerald City one morning.  Lovely, lovely beast.  Slugs are snails without a shell and while I admire this guy, they can play havoc with a garden.  They are mollusks and are hermaphrodite.  Class dismissed.


While in Le Claire the Wombie and I had a seat on a bench while Miss Holly was shopping.  He brought up the question as to how difficult it would be to bring down that pine tree.  That is, indeed, a long way up.


Cloud cover prevented any picture taking of the Supermoon eclipse Sunday night.  Hopefully I will be able to try again next time it 2033. 

However, I did take this picture of what looks like a blood moon while I was back (September 1) in Northlandia.  Why was it red?  The Western fires. The farther up it rose in the sky the less red it looked.  It was from the smoke in the atmosphere that caused its color.   


I had a complete Norah-less weekend.  I hate it when that happens.


My fantasy baseball worst-to-first campaign came to an end this weekend.  The best I can do is third place.  My guys had a poor week and the Peoria Prodigies whooped me good.  Best i can do now is third place.  Go Fighting Flamingoes. 


Sports-wise this is the best time of year when we have baseball and football overlapping for a couple months.  



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