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A Discovery - Part 3

Our third and final installment of the Courtney Campbell Causeway bike and jogging path.  It's fairly close by and provides an unobstructed view of the skylines of St. Pete and Tampa as well as the skies.  It's a great place to do some walking and taking sunrise-sunset pics. 

Unfortunately, people are more apt to despoil a spot than enhance it.  Here we have the remnants of a party that becomes an unsightly reminder that people are pigs.   

Boat slip and bird perch.  

Great spot for either sunrise or sunset.  Time it right and you can get some great pictures.  Always take advantage of the golden hours.

This is the portion where cars and trucks travel from across the Bay.  At one time this was the first and only way to get from Clearwater/St. Pete over to Tampa.  Notice the patches on the columns.

People aren't the only ones to make a mess here, although the humans are capable of cleaning up after themselves.

Looking south toward St. Petersburg.

Yeah, this is the golden hour time., and you can see why it is so named.  This was a sunrise picture. 


Great place to spend time.  Walk and get your 10,000 steps, jog, bike, or take your mutt out for an airing.  Bring your fishing pole if you want or camera.  It isn't a secret, necessarily and there are times it is crowded, but more often than not you might have plenty of elbow room and very little company.   Perfect. 


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