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Tuesday Tidbits

The Cabin in the Woods will require a little maintenance when I get up there.  Some painting, a broken window glass in the garage - the usual stuff.  I am toying with the idea of putting in a wildflower garden.  I want to do my part in bringing back the bees and less mowing.   You can get a packet of wildflowers from Cheerios: 

Just finished toying.  I am going to put in a wildflower bed.  I will need a tiller.   Wombie, know anyone? 

Hey Wombie.  If you go to the Cabin and run into one of these guys would you please call AAA Pest Control.  A spider with hands, you gotta be kidding.


The level of supervision at Papa's Daycare is almost criminal.  But I swear, I was laying on the bed tinkering with my phone after changing Alfred's diaper and then it got real quiet.  Well, as anyone who sits kids can tell you, it can either signal a bit of peace and free time, or it can denote something really bad happening.  Most daycare providers will tell you (I'm forming a Union) that you first take the peace and quiet until the alarm bells go off.  This usually happens after it is too late for corrective action.  It is the quiet that makes the hair on your neck stand up.  


I am heading toward a week or two off from blogging soon.  Prepare yourselves.


I hate cats.  Let me repeat:  I hate cats.  If you didn't know already, then this will add to your enjoyment of me if you feel the same way.  If you don't agree with me, then we can still be OK, right?  

(Hey Washington, this is how it is done.)


Saw this in the parking lot at Waterboard.  I hope that insurance check you got for this accident paid for a nice party and all that duct tape.


Miss Norah lost her first tooth last week.  She received a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  Apparently Comrade President Trump has made cuts to that program as well.


The gang wanted to do some shopping at Michael's but I didn't feel like aimless wandering so I took a seat on a bench out in front.  While sitting I noticed something in front of me on the sidewalk and took a closer look.  

It turned out to be a condom. On a sidewalk at an outside mall?  Don't know if I was more disgusted or jealous.


Cute, but can you back it up?


At Target the other day I noticed an old guy wearing a Navy hat.  As one of my continuing personal efforts I approached him and thanked him for his service.  And like all of the old guys I approach he was more than happy to talk to me.  John told me he was in Korea and flew jets.  He told me he was one of three replacement pilots in his squadron for guys whose jets had been brought down by the North Koreans who installed cables across ravines.  He was given the personal effects of one of the pilots who had no family.  He told me he still has them.  

John told me he served his time in Korea and then re-upped for an additional six years as a flyer and then in 1962 got married and started a family.  His wife wasn't too hot for him flying so he left the Navy and never flew again.  

Strangely, I asked if he had been on one of the Honor Flights and he said he was aware of World War II vets taking those trips but wasn't aware they have been doing the same for Korean vets for a few years now, too.  I hope he looks into it, he's earned it.


This bird was looking for ice cream last Saturday at Dairy Queen. The owner took some scrap food and fed him while we were there.  Unfortunately a herd of semi-domesticated terns swooped down to see if they could get in on the snack, too. 


I have four fantasy baseball teams this year.  One draft down, three to go this week.  


The Iron Giant is now on Netflix streaming.  The kids (and me) love it.  

The Iron Giant.  Cult favorite.  Bombed when it came out, but make no mistake, it is an overlooked classic.  "You stay...I go...No following."  "You can be anything you want to be."  "Superman."


So, Comrade President Trump sits at the White House and watches Fox News shows of dubious content and then tweets unverified BS.  Alrighty then.

(It was just announced that the dubious Andrew Napolitano, a Fox regular, has been fired.  Good for Fox News.) 

Obama took his first vacation after 4 months.  Donald has taken 7 in 2 months.  Alrighty then.

Acts like an ass with allies and most recently the new leader of the free world, German Angela Merkel.  Alrighty then. 

Never apologizes.  Isn't that one of the first things we learn as children?

54 Billion in additional funds for defense but no more Meals On Wheels.  U-S-A! U-S-A!

Go Trump, still rooting for you, you're the greatest!


A portion of the reason I am part-time in Kitschlandia.

A portion of the reason I am counting the days till I return to Northlandia.  


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