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Whatever the Last Tropical Disturbance Was

We had some real weather for a change around here a while back.  Some spotty rain and roiling surf which constitutes something when all you usually have are endless blue skies and searing sun, day after day.  Look up the word boring and the definition will usually start with "Daily Florida meteorological conditions." 

With high winds we grabbed wee Norah, who is always up for a beach walk and off to Indian Rocks we went.  Having become not only bored with the weather and beach shells, I am happy that Norah still retains a youthful exuberance toward all things beach. She thinks everything is fun and worth collecting.

People having fun in the powdery sand and Super Bowl electricity permeates everything. 

Surfers trying to find anything to ride even if that wave only reaches three feet.

A dad and his kids trying to get a kite afloat.  It was almost too windy for success.  But it was fun watching the kids try to avoid the skydiving innocents below.  

An angry surf.  Always fun to see and hear.

A good shot that shows the sand and dust filled winds.

It always looks to me like a lot of work with very little, if any payoff.

The beach is, indeed, a spectator sport. 

"Okay, kids, Who's the Man?"

Wore out by the rough waves, this guy finally gave up and waited for his ride.

It didn't take long for the camera lens to become blurred with all the gunk flying around.  Time to pack up all the busted shells and crap Norah collected, get home and shower it all off.  

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