Thursday, March 6, 2014


Mr. Stage and I have developed a wager for the SuperBowl that isn't necessarily unique.  Our payoff, however, is.  The first year the winner received a bag of coins in all denominations.  The next year the payoff was a medicine vial of $2 coins.  Then the infamous Canadian $20.  

This year was going to be even better.  A big piggy bank with enough room for two thousand pennies.  OK, so there are no piggy banks that big.  OK,  how about a piggy bank that will hold pennies and some cash?  Oh my, look at that piggy bank on EBay. Yes!  This one will do nicely.  Lets get this and then seal it up so he can't get the money out without breaking it.  He won't want to do that so there it will sit.  Twenty dollar bill locked, sort of, in this humping pigs ceramic one-of-a-kind treasure.  Purchase made on Ebay, now we wait.  

This is what awaited me when I picked it up front he stoop by the front door.  The blame for this packaging goes to a Mr. Sull in Tennessee who actually had the nonsensical idea that putting a fragile ceramic item in a USPS mailer envelope would survive a trip from there to here.  

After some painstaking gluing by the current Mrs. Blythe that went far into the wee hours (thanks) it turned out about like it was supposed to, albeit with some holes and shards that were impossible to affix.   

I picked Seattle so first we have to "doll" up the bottom pig to make it look like Peyton Manning.   We'll paint a Seahawk on the coat of the screwer up top and tweak few things here and there.  I'll get some pipe cleaner and affix one forming a cartoon bubble out of Manning's mouth yelling "Omaha!" Perfect.

Now we have to hope Seattle loses so I can use this for the payoff, otherwise it will have to wait till next year, and the circumstances will have changed.  Gee, I made a twenty dollar bet I hope I lose?  Yeah, it would be worth it for the pure beauty of the one-upmanship from last year.  He really got me with that Canadian.  I've never wanted to lose a bet so bad. 

ADDENDUM:  Seattle did, in fact, beat the Colts.  It was over after the first snap.  My work and painstaking dedication to the "prank", and enlisting others to assist were all for nought.  Anyone want a majorly cracked piggy bank of humping pigs?      

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  1. Very creative Mr. Blythe. I sure would have loved to win that. I still maintain a very strong dislike for Seattle. Maybe next year?