Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tidbit Tuesday

1.  Today is the 2nd of three post-op appointments with my ENT doctor.  I expect a good report.  


2.  Kenzie and Drew have sold their home in St. Pete and will reside at Bedlam for a year.  This will give them time to contemplate their next move.  And Miss Norah will only be a short walk away.


Speaking of Miss Norah, I had these videos hanging around and now you get to see them, too.  


As I add this I am preparing to go into St. Petersburg's Bayfront Baby Place, yup that's the name of the place, and sit vigil for the next half Blythe kid to enter the world.  Mackenzie's due date was the 11th and it is now the 20th.  They will induce.  Frankly I can't imagine childbirth, but inducing seems a lot like what paint stores do to your newly bought gallon of Azure Sky.  Hopefully it will be over soon, but I am prepared for a long wait, as half Blythes are often contrary, stubborn and do what they damn well please, when they damn well please to do it.       


 Bug that found me the other day.  Pretty iridescent color.  Not all entries are gems, guys. 

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