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Tuesday Tidbits

This little girl is thinking thoughts that just may land her in trouble.  Ornery, you can see it in the eyes.  Oh, Norah, better be careful!


Found a few of these gross looking guys crawling the walls here at Bedlam.  Thought first that I might be under the influence of the "DT's" but then discovered they are really Casemaking Clothes moth larvae.   They are little caterpillars that feed on cotton nd wool.  Weird, huh?


Had my first post-op check up.  Doc said all is good and that I can now resume walking and light activities.  He flushed me out a little and this morning as I type this, I am very happy I had the procedure done.  Of course I haven't got the bill yet, either.  Go back in another 2 weeks.  


Like a young Egyptian princess, Norah models some hats.


The Newsroom (Season 3, episode 5) spoiler: Learning that Will never had a cellmate, and that Charley died, all while Sissell sings Oh Shenandoah, was the best one, two, three punches I've seen in a long time.  And then I find out HBO has cancelled it. Another quality show bites the dust. 


This doesn't want to come out.


McFarland USA, a movie with Kevin Costner is very good.  Speaking of movies, why is it they are so filled with vomit scenes?  Seems like everyone I see has a vomit scene.  Kind of tiresome.  


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