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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Silly me.  I was expecting a good report from Dr. Dunlevy and all I got was a bad one instead.  The polyps have started to reform and I have an infection, to boot.  Well, goody.  Not only that but I have to undergo some kind of allergy testing:  one shot per week for 6 months.  Uh, if they charge a co-pay that comes to almost a $1000 just to get in the door, excluding the shots and any ancillary office and lab costs.  

I may just decide to forgo this expense since the polyps are not life threatening.  May be tough to breathe but I'd rather save the money for when something really serious comes along.  I have had to dig into my Wheels-in-Floriduh fund for the expenses so far so no vehicle down here until we recoup surgery costs.  

I am on a new prescription, some kind of steroidal nasal flush, and hopefully this will prove fruitful.  If nothing else I'll stick straws up by nose.  


2.  Ayla Morgan Shepherd was born on July 21, 8 lbs. 11 ounces, 19 inches long.  She was due on the 11th, induced on the 21st and quickly after the medication was administered, banged her way into her mother's arms.  

So begins the slow evolution from the Blob stage into something resembling a human.  


3.  On Sunday we moved Kenzie, Drew, Norah and Ayla into their new apartment at Bedlam on the Bay.  Their house had become increasing small for a 4-person family.  They will decide their next move in the coming months.   


TCM is playing a Tarzan movie as I write this and its a rainy morning here at Bedlam.  From what I can gather the quintessential single-word language Tarzan has with his animal friends is "Ungawa."  Whenever he utters this command, usually to an elephant,  the elephant will do whatever Tarzan wants, but seems to be all-encompassing like "up", "down", "run" "stampede", "crush Nazi", "push poacher over cliff".  Smart telepathic elephant.  



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