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Another Blogging Theft

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Readers of Existing In BFE:

In another case of wanton and unapologetic theft I am printing an essay by my good friend and fellow blogger, Jeff Sutor from his excellent Bodine-DILLIGAF website.  Jeff reflects my views on guns and gun control.  I would urge all readers of Existing in BFE to read his site before mine.  It will make your brain stronger.  Thanks Jeff.


And Again

I have from time to time stood on my soapbox and called for sensible gun control. We have had another mass shooting. Charleston, South Carolina at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church with 9 killed during an evening Bible study on Wednesday. I have no hope left that any meaningful action on gun control will happen due to this latest mass murder by firearm. Folks in a church studying the Bible just doesn't reach as deep in our hearts as 20 school children at Newtown. If those kids couldn't get us any action on gun control I would be a fool to suppose that Wednesday's mass murder would spur us to move. So all I have this time is sadness and anger. You could throw in a healthy dose of frustration. A sprinkling of disappointment. What will it take for us to act? How may more Charlestons, or Newtowns, or Auroras? Another Columbine or perhaps Jonesboro, Arkansas? Maybe you had forgotten that one. If you have the time watch President Obama when he spoke to the nation on Thursday. He is clearly effected. It was the 14th time during his presidency he has had to make this kind of address to the nation following a mass shooting. Fourteen times. Fourteen. If the trend continues he has at least 4 more to go before he leaves office.

So, what is the answer? According to a representative of the National Rifle Association the answer is more guns. Rev. Clementa Pinckney, one of the shooting victims, was pastor of the church, a state senator, and did not allow guns in his church. Some have blamed him for the deaths. If he would have allowed guns in the church someone could have returned fire and maybe fewer lives would have been lost. Maybe the shooter could have been stopped. So, there is the answer from one side. More guns. The way they talk it sounds like we should all be armed all the time. Never know when something might go down. Some nut with a gun. We all should be packing heat. More guns. It is always their answer. We don't need any reasonable measures to control access to firearms. No need for crazy racist bastards to have mental health treatment. Although in this case I don't think he was legally insane. His actions were crazy but not insane. He was full of hate but not full of nuts. I thought Chuck Norris took it to a whole new level with this comment. "If Obama really wants to reduce firearm power, he should consider stepping out of office, because his presidency has increased gun sales more than any other." How do you respond to something like that? I don't dispute that gun sales have increased during President Obama's time in office. Idiots continue to buy guns because they believe that his administration is going to confiscate guns. There has been no legislation introduced to do so. There have been no actions by the administration to confiscate any legally held firearms from anyone. The fact is that you cannot convince stupid people with facts. They believe it will happen before President Obama leaves office. If it doesn't and another Democrat is elected they will believe that person wants to take their guns. Stupid assholes.

So, there you have it. No hope for change. Grab your gun whenever you go out. More guns is the only answer just ask Chuck Norris. So when I go out and I get to the front door of my house I will be carrying. I will be loaded down with frustration, sadness, hopelessness but no gun. Sorry Chuck, I'm with Susie Jackson. If that is the United States I have to live in I would rather be shot. 


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