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Sunday Ride

Time is running out on my time in Northlandia.  Surgery, a new baby and a need to see my Princess intrudes, and soon I need to return to the Heat.  But today, a beautiful Father's day Sunday, it is opportunity to ride.  It's my ride today so it is up to me to come up with an itinerary.  I have decided on a leisurely river trip - from Emerald City down to Bald Bluff Road, down to Oquawka,  then up to Keithsburg, New Boston and Back to Emerald City.  Let's see how that all ends up.

Having arrived along the river in Oquawka, time to dismount and look at the local scenery.

And what can compare to a river for local scenery?  Today what surprised me or at least struck me more than anything was the total quiet.  I guess I had never realized that moving water makes no sound.   

After a nice long chat at the river discussing all manner of things with riding partner, Tim, we went looking for the Norma Jean the Elephant grave and memorial spot.  

Poor Norma Jean.  Struck and killed by a lightening strike in 1972 while in the employ of a small traveling circus, Norma was buried where she fell.  The next year, with its prized possession to sell tickets, the circus went out of business.    

But Norma Jean isn't the only grave to visit when in the area.  A part of this blog a few times before, it was a must to revisit the Dwight Vice gravestone.  An entrepreneur who likely got in over his head regarding a certain business he ran, Mr. Vice was murdered back in the early 2000's and his son seriously injured.  His family/next of kin/executors decided to erect a morally questionable edifice as a lasting remembrance.  Taste is often an immeasurable and ethereal thing, obviously mystifying Dwight's family/next of kin/executors as well.     

The ethereal nature of the taste factor extends to all corners of Mr. Vice's grave.  Sometimes taste, or lack thereof, knows no bounds.  

After these side trips we took off to explore Delebar State Park - virtually worthless, and then on up to a tenderloin and Bloody Mary at the Eagles Nest in Keithsburg.  

After that pleasurable and really tasty meal, we travelled on up to New Boston, checked out the cheesy oversized Adirondack chair, the swollen river, and then left for the Muscatine Road, over to Buffalo Prairie, investigated a cool country road till it turned to gravel and then back to Emerald City.  Boy, that was a really long sentence.   

It was a great way to end my first stint in Northlandia and I hope it augured for many fine rides to come.  Thanks, Neighbor, for taking the day to ride.  I'd waited a long time for that. 

It was an interesting month and after surgery, a new baby, the kid's possibly selling their house and three follow-up doctor appointments, I'll return.   


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