Thursday, July 9, 2015

Venus And Jupiter All Month Long

The month-long conjunction of Venus and Jupiter continues.  This astronomical event just got away from me, I guess.  Too much going on in Northlandia with the move and then back to Florida, and I never got organized for this event.  Venus and Jupiter have been getting closer and closer to each other all month and will consummate their conjunction on June 30th.  

If I had been on top of this I would have taken thrice weekly pictures to show you, but alas, I only took a few and some were not any good.  I have been without a tripod down here so nighttime pics are tough.  

Taken by my iPhone around June 18th from Northlandia.

Taken by me on June 29th in Floriduh.

Taken by me on June 30th.

Taken by me on July 1st.

Other pictures from the US 

It was a monthlong dance with a cool consummation - kind of sexy in an astronomical way.  Sorry I wasn't more "with it" in regard to this show, but this is probably good enough anyway. 

Next up:  the annual Perseids meteor shower in early August. 

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