Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I have returned to Floriduh.  My stay in Emerald City was superb.  I did lots of things, saw lots of people, and miss it already.  But I am with Norah and if there is anything to assuage an old man's heart it is the tearful plea from a 4 year-old, "I need you." 


The wonder of young eyes discovering something new.


This is an apple-laden tree in Seaton. 

This is Mark after peeling many of those apples and making a pie. 

This is the end result.  I can attest to its deliciousness.  In all the possibilities life affords, I never once imagined I'd eat an apple pie that my brother made. 


The simple magic of a lonely Northlandia country road.   


I stopped at Hi-Lo while in G-Burg early in my Northlandic stay.  A guy in a jacked-up pick-up truck stopped and this small guy threw out a milk carton with a top attached like a guy in a boat would throw out an anchor.   Step stools are handy for short folks in raised trucks.

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