Monday, May 9, 2016

I Saved A Turtle

I've been walking in the wee hours before Morning Joe, my first cup of coffee and the arrival of my charge.  Its a great time to be walking around and outside Bedlam.  Traffic is light, the stars are shining, cool and freshly new day to welcome.  

The other day I began and my first leg is to get out of Bedlam at the gate not too far away.  You enter a circle drive (incoming cars to the left gate, outgoing to the right gate), and while I was walking to the right to get on the sidewalk, I noticed this fellow trying to get onto the circular grass area.  

This circle of grass may be a temporary oasis for a slow travelling pavement warrior but there is no escape; it is surrounded by the cruelest death.  Squirrels would sooner meet their makers - turtles wouldn't have a chance.  

And so it was left to me - normally quite a non-intervention kind of guy - to take shell in hand and move it back inside the confines of Bedlam next to a pond.  After my walk I circled back and, lo and behold, he was gone, hopefully into the wet safety of the water.   Now we are both trapped in Bedlam - but safe.  

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