Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Old Gang Back Together

This is a picture from Shelley's graduation party I attended on May 14th.  That's her in the pink thing, or was it kind of reddish?  She was quite excited to get her degree from Western after having worked on it for a few years. 

Of no less equal in importance is the group I hung around with.  I think the above sentence has suspect structure (Shelley and Kenzie can correct me; perhaps something about a dangling participle), but I was so excited to be with my peeps again that my grammar radar (grammar, get it?) was malfunctioning.        

These are my old, as in old days and certainly not old in chronology, co-workers who survived the Wars and became friends in the best sense of the word.

Rebecca is on the far left and was hired about a year before me. I worked with her the most in the early years.  Smart, classy, tough, funny in that intelligent witty way; we were similar in our outlooks regarding politics, people, the world and entertainment.  She was the one whose respect and admiration I most wanted, probably because she always had mine.  She was a counselor and Assistant Superintendent.

Over on the far right is Rose.  Rose started after I did and was one of my favorite people to work with.   If I had to build a personality that was warm and open, it would be Rose.  With most people I have to worry a bit about saying something stupid or not being quick or funny.  With most people I may have a social awkwardness.  But not with Rose.  I seem to always be at my funniest or wittiest with her because she tends to laugh at all the jokes.  I never feel awkward with her.  That is a testament to her ability to relate and to make you feel like the most important person in the room.  She was a youth counselor and is now a probation officer.

And then there's Pat.  Where do I start?  I met her for the first time as a secretary in the probation department, but it was really a tag-team relationship with her husband Mike, that would cement my friendship with the family and tender me a sort of honorary membership with all of them, which consists of daughters, grandkids and great-grandkids.  An unbelievably gracious lady with the biggest heart of anyone I know. She would really do anything for me and indeed, she has.  I owe her more than anyone else and I fear the debt will never get repaid.  

And so, on a Saturday night some 39 years after it all began, we met again.  


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