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A Cigar, A Gar, and Other Everyday Wonders

Downtown St. Pete from Vinoy Park. We humans are an amazingly adaptable species. Who would have thought I'd look out on the skyline of the city and have feelings other than fear and trepidation. We are able to learn to co-mingle wherever we are. It may be a variance on the Stockholm Syndrome, but whatever, it sure is nice sometimes to just adapt.

Spotted at the Three Birds Tavern:  a guy brought in with him a really neat humidor and he proceeded to give himself and the guys in his party exquisite looking cigars.  Tim, we gotta get one of these.

This gar-ish creature was swimming along the cement abutment.  I have no idea what it is but it was about a pencil in length.  How does one find out?

Just one of thousands of these guys down here.  This one was foraging and looked rather inebriated. 

Being an old Fed-Exer of sorts, and knowing how it must positively, absolutely get there on time, I was struck by this fellow asleep on a park bench clutching a Fed-Ex package.  I wonder if it was in transit, or had already found its destination.  

Not far from the sleeping Fed-Ex guy, I spotted this sign at the Cupcake Spot, and couldn't agree more with its sentiments. 

Next Week Is Shark Week on EIB!


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