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Conch Caper

We were walking along the park next to the Bay and Nancy saw a shell she had to have.  It was about 5 or 6 feet down to the water and another 4 or 5 feet to the seabed.  Thus began a weekend quest, or obsession, to get that shell.  She sat on the wall for a great while mentally measuring, and concocting a plan of attack. 

There it sits.  Simply waiting for someone to come along and grab it for a forever keepsake.

This is the place at the Vinoy where the shell resides, just to the right and down. 

A trip to Lowes to buy a CRD (Conch Retrieval Device) consisting of 4 PVC sections 5 feet long each, 3 extender caps, duct tape, and a sturdy net.   

As the sun was setting she built her CRD, and slowly lowered it to the shell.  In a few minutes she had bagged the shell and brought it to the surface in her net. 

It is being lifted from the deep by the newly fashioned CRD.

Voila!  A testament to one persons veracity, stamina, determination and unreasonable psychotic obsession.

A shot as it sits today, cleaned and in a place of honor. 


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