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M-M-M-Madoff and the Mets! Bernie! Bernie!

That obscure but clever title is to be sung to the tune of Bennie and the Jets.  If only my loyalties could be trifled with by a light hearted and lesser tune from the John vault.  But, alas, my ties as a fan to the New York Mets have hit a major speed hump.  One of my youthful indiscretions was to peruse the sports section as a wee lad and pick an anti-Cubs team as my favorite.  I was young.  I picked the Mets: I started at the top and scanned down tot eh bottom and there were the lowly New Yorkers in last place.  I wanted to root for an underdog and since everyone I knew was a Cubs fan I wanted separation.  I got it.

Although many years were horrible we had bestowed on us a miracle in '69.  A true heaven sent, God-like gift that is still seen today as improbable.  A World Series visit and victory that year when it seemed like the Cubs were unstoppable.  We have been to the Series again in '73, '86, and 2000.  All good times, all unbelievably exciting.  Interspersed were truly horrible years that have seen us more often in last place than in first.

My loyalties have remained even with the ups and downs of incompetent management, poor behavior, monumentally bad free-agent signings and rebuilding plans that never reach fruition.  It has remained, although shaken, by the choke seasons of '07 and '08: identical years when we were way ahead in the last month only to lose it in the last series or so.

But now we are embroiled in a mess that makes problems of the past seem quaint.  It appears that our beloved (sarcasm) owner, Fred Wilpon, benefited from his close association with Bernie Madoff, the guy who destroyed lives with his 24 billion dollar Ponzi scheme 2 years ago.  Hell, even Bernie's son committed suicide last year on the second anniversary.  While thousands lost their entire savings, 401K's, and investments, the Wilpons were drawing out 12% each month from their accounts regardless of the market swings.

As a result, the trustee working to get back lost money for the victims has, it would appear, appropriately singled out Fred, Fred's brother-in-law and others in the inner circle for a lawsuit that could be as high as 1 billion dollars.

Excusing the implications this has on the operations: no free-agent signings this winter, the moral and ethical void existing in ownership rattles my blind-faithed fandom.  While it is tempting to switch allegiances (the Rays are a pretty cool team) I simply cannot turn my back on a lifetime of loyalty.  So, I have decided to keep an eye on the lawsuit (perhaps the Wilpons will sell), or they will settle (thus satisfying the trustee and awarding money to the victims).  I'll stick with them and hope this is settled swiftly and honorably.  Until then however, I have decided to retire my 25 year old key chain (above) and place it in my box of personal memorabilia to fondle when I am in Rest In Peace nursing home.  If you read this blog, Fred, do the right thing, and Go Mets.     


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