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What Is On My Nightstand

I knew why Amor Towles' A Gentleman In Moscow was taking so long to finish.  I didn't want it to end.  Now pay attention to this next sentence.  I may have discovered my all-time favorite novel.  No, I take that back.  I have discovered my all time favorite novel.  

I finished last night and I don't know what I will start next - it cannot measure up.  It is really quite unfair to all the other novelists who have cranked out excellent reads and await my time for I think most others will pale in comparison.

First the set-up.  A young aristocratic Russian is sentenced to house arrest in the Metropol Hotel in Moscow for having opposed the new Bolshevik regime in 1922.  The next 32 years of his life as a prisoner of the posh hotel is a man who overcomes, who loves, whose adventures are grand and small but always fascinating.  My description does not do it justice.  Amidst the events are small snippets of how a gentleman acts, behaves and thinks in social situations and with those he comes to love and hate.

It evokes a time when people knew how to behave and how to be a gentleman.  If it is true that books take you to different places, they also take you to different times and allow you to meet the most fascinating and interesting people. The well drawn characters who populate the Metropol will become permanent members of your heart.   


I won't say more about this wonderful novel because I have devised a Sweepstakes that puts my money where my mouth and heart is.   So here goes:

1.  Send me your name in an email.  Tell me if you want a Kindle digital copy or a hardback edition.

2.  I will put all the names in a hat and pull out 1 or 2, depending on number of entries.

3.  Winners will be announced on August 22nd.

4.  Winning names will receive gift of A Gentleman In Moscow FREE compliments of Existing In BFE. 

5Email to use to submit your name and preferred copy:  

Come on, guys.  Free doesn't happen very often.  Submit your name today!

Fine print:  There's always fine print, right.  Any shady shit and you'll be placed in a room full of fire ants and they will peck away your eyes and privates and you will wish you hadn't tried any shady shit.  What is shady shit?  I don't know, but like porn I will know it when I see it.  Look, guys, this is an up and up deal.  It will be fun.  Oh, yeah, I may have you write a small paragraph after you read the book that I will post on the blog, but I' don't know about that yet.  The basic thing is this is an opportunity to win a free book.  I'm no sweepstakes runner so if there is anything else I need to exclaim here then consider it exclaimed. And if you can read this you have really good eyesight.  Russians, Azerbaijanis, or African princes are not eligible, or anyone else I deem as ineligible. Friends of readers of the blog are welcome to enter.  tell your friends.  Tell your Shi-tzus, tell your wives and concubines.  



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