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Tuesday Tidbits

As I ponder my next stay at the Cabin in the Woods, my thoughts go to all the things that make it rewarding to have it.  Whitey's, Papa's Fish Market,  BFE, my Peeps, roadtrips, Jerry's, dark skies, the bike, Miss Frump and... 

...all the regulars at Beer Bellies.


It isn't always blue skies and sunshine in Central Kitschland.  You never get one of those really neat day-long rains that are so wonderful up North, but when it does rain it does so like an old cow pissing:  fast and hard but short.  This was taken at the Sunset Grill in St. Pete where we went for breakfast.


 Did you know you can buy a keyboard that mimics the old fashioned typewriter?  Yup, you sure can.  Even down to the occasional sticky key.  It costs about $140 and for all you old-school reporters or novelists who yearn for the good old days then go ahead and pop for it.

I was lucky enough to have an old electric typewriter the folks got me when I was in college.  It was blue and mostly plastic but it was a godsend for all those reports.  I also recall all the ribbon and key problems.  Nostalgia isn't always that much fun. 


Adventures In Babysitting


GOOD BUSINESS (Sci-Fi Short) 2017 from Ray Sullivan on Vimeo.


Why Trump supporters don't care about the Russia thing: it was to stop Hillary. 



I get that we live in a capitalist country.  I have something you want, then pay me for it.  But there are some things that are just wrong:

1.  Air at gas stations.  Charging $1.50 on your credit card to fill up a tire is a type of gouging, especially when you most likely just paid $30 bucks to fill up your  gas tank.

2.  Not having a tiered ala carte TV cable and dish system.  If I watch 5 channels on a regular basis why should I be forced to pay for 150?  Let me buy my five channels for an elevated price and let  someone else by their 100 channels at less cost, but why should I buy crap I don't want? 

3.  Crappy American healthcare insurance system.  Why not have both Obamacare and Repub systems plus single-payer and we all get to choose which one we want?  It'll sort itself out in a couple years. Guaranteed.

4.  Why can't I go into a store and buy a single yellow highliter?  You have to buy them in packs of two or four or more and all have a different color.  

5.  My house taxes should have a reduced cost if it is nice and well-maintained.  The grub down the street with crap all over the yard should have to pay more.  And even more if you are flying a symbol of hate, intolerance and treason.

6.  River barges should keep a room available for people like me who'd love to take a river cruise on one.

7.  Cover charges. Period. 


I wonder?

I loved these as a kid.  Do they even make them anymore?

I wonder whatever happened to Darrell Vice who got hurt bad in his father's drug deal gone wrong in Oquawka in 2001?  I hope he's happy and healthy.

I wonder if there is a dog out there now that is destined to end up with me and we just haven't found each other yet?

I wonder if its true creepy bugs and spiders crawl into our mouths when we sleep?

Guys, you know those openings in our underwear?  I wonder if anyone actually fishes their whitchie through those?

I wonder if Shep Smith will get fired from Fox for going anti-Trump last week?


Movie fans will want to check out this article on filmdom's most iconic props.


One of the reasons I like St. Pete.

Sidewalk eateries are always ready to take your order and water your furry friend.

Love your pooch?  Take it with you wherever you go.  No cats, please.


1934 Studebaker President

I've got room in my garage for this beauty, if it's OK with Miss Frump.  Oh, Studebaker!  What happened?


At first I suffered a little involuntary anal leakage when I read that Kid Rock and Caitlin Jenner are considering running for office.  I figured we've got enough amateurs running the country and why get more.  I figured it was just another symptom of a dumbed-down America.

But I was wrong.  I think it would be great.  What is America after all, if it isn't the nation where anyone can be a Senator, or Representative, or President?  Participation and particularly entering the "arena" should be admired and encouraged.  Good going guys (or girls or whatever), I'm happy to hear of your ambitions and best of luck, and thanks for putting yourselves out there.   


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