Monday, March 16, 2015

A Penny For Your Thoughts

I've seen a lot of stuff down here. I've taken a ride on a Tall Ship,  bicycled to a few major league baseball games, gone deep sea fishing and all manor of museums.  But what I saw a couple weeks ago ranks right up there.  Almost too bizarre for words.  In fact, I don't really know how to start.      

Parked in front of a Big Lots in St. Petersburg was this copper colored, I don't know,  is that an old Ford Fiesta?  Every single area on this car was emblazoned by pennies.  Hundreds and hundreds of pennies.  Outside AND inside, too. 

Structurally, what are the pennies doing with the aerodynamics of that poor car?  Don't underestimate the weight of all those copper pieces on the structural integrity of the suspension and braking systems.  Maybe because the weight is dispersed throughout the car  lessens any fatigue factors.  I'm not a structural engineer but I play one on this blog.  

Here is a closeup of the car and I can't imagine WHY they ever got the idea to do such a thing.  Wouldn't you be better served by putting that money in the bank?  Then I thought who has the time to sit down and do that.  Sure, they may call it rolling art, but the fact is someday this machine is going to die.  Then what?  Do they pry all the coins off, or just say good bye to all that money?

Inside you can see they have glued pennies to the dash, doors and I suppose anywhere that is available.  One interesting thing to mote also is that is a Club, a theft deterrent device, but the windows were down and the car was unoccupied. I see there is a Cuban flag hanging from he rear view window. Cubans have a special thing going on with their cars.  
Cuba itself is a time capsule of 50's cars since the embargo in the early 60's.  They keep their stuff running with spit, chicken wire and duct tape and many of the cars are beautifully modified - really sharp stuff down there.  Maybe this Cuban is making a statement with his (or her) car - American Dream stuff, perhaps.  All I know is, when they go to trade this in I feel sorry for the poor salesman who will have to count all those pennies to get its value.  Maybe they should just crush this baby andmelt it down to a very coppery, very expensive doorstop.    

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