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Downtown On a Cold Spring Day

It was cold and windy but it was supposed to be Spring so a walk downtown might be fun.  Downtown was St. Petersburg, since I have not ever tried to explore downtown Clearwater.  But I will someday.  No, St. Pete was familiar territory and somewhat welcoming this Saturday.   

There are murals all over the place, this being an artsy enclave.  This is one of them I spotted on Central Avenue.

I don't know near enough about Bitcoin.  This was the first store I have seen that accepts it. 

A T-shirt for sale that, for me, says it all.

Another mural.

Kind of a classy liquor store sign.

I was taken by this architectural type picture with my iPhone camera and didn't notice the hand print on the column until I got home.  All the better.

The Dazzio Gallery is a quite nice place to visit from time to time.  It has classes for area people who want to do their work and get a little instruction as they go.  And when finished the artists can put up their work for sale.  Nice idea and maybe someday I might join them.  This is a series of Holocaust paintings someone did and will be heading to New York soon to be on exhibition.  Startlingly somber paintings that make one feel the horror. 

Central Avenue is full of cool shops, galleries, antiques and great food.  If one must be down here, then might as well enjoy the culture.    


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