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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Right Next To Bedlam

Is concrete bedlam. 10 lanes (doesn't include ramps): 6 total above and 2 on each side of the frontage.  This was taken during evening rush hour.  But they weren't rushing. 

2.  Red-headed Fridge Mouse 

Opened the refrigerator after watching Norah last Thursday.  

3.  Some Florida Kids 

I was waiting outside Big Lots when I saw two girls walk by and one tossed this small box of candy on the sidewalk right by a trash receptacle!!!  Walking right behind them was a family with a boy probably 2 years old holding onto his mother's hand.  The girl looked over to her litterbug friend as said, "There's a little kid behind us?"  The litterbug vacant-headed girl said, "Yeah, that's why i did it."  As the kid walked by the box of candy he looked down with longing while mom keep him walking.  After they all walked by I wandered over and picked it up and threw it away.  

The first problem was the astounding insensitivity of the litterer.  Second was the fearful non-action of her friend, who didn't stop, go back and put the empty box in the trash.  Thirdly, maybe these kids aren't indicative of the younger generation, a generation that is actually more than one generation removed from me, I suppose.  I hope there are many of their peers who are out there doing good things, thoughtful things, constructive things.  

It was such a small incident.  But it was a little cruel, and thoughtless, and I wonder if any of the rest of that day the gave it any further thought.  I'd like to think so.  Thats' what I'm throwing my anchor on - perhaps the little singling thought that maybe a different action might make a little more sense.  

4.  Old Vehicle Spotted

This looks to be a 70 or 71 Volkswagen Double Cab truck. 

5.  Damn Commercials

Have you noticed all the screaming on commercials lately?  Screaming guys surprised by a surprise birthday party, a screaming goat, a guy sees his bill at a restaurant and other screamers are all over TV right now.  I suppose it is a way to get your attention.  As you get up to go wherever if they throw in a screaming person you tend to instinctively turn around and look.  They have then achieved their mission: you are watching their product placement.  Clever bastards.  I hate 'em.

6.  Unfortunate Spill 

Learning a new skill can be rocky.  Steering was an early challenge,  but recently conquered.  It seems now that sharp turns is something to avoid.  Regardless, overtime as she hops on her bike and takes to the open sidewalk or tennis court, she learns new nuances.  

To her credit, she bounced right up and started pedaling again without any undo dramatics.  


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