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Two Videos

While at Payless down the at the Park Place Mall in St. Pete, we were witness to a robbery.  A couple of thieves walked in right behind us, using us as a kind of shield, walked over and grabbed some shoes and took off by foot.  

The employee is at the door talking to the cops and watching them flee down toward Panerra Bread.  The poor employee was the only person working the store and the check- out is along a wall pretty far from the door.   

There is this pond right behind my apartment at bedlam.  I noticed this guy and his wife playing speedboat a week or so ago.  Looks like fun.  This water craft costs about $250 and he has three of them.  They go fast but drain their batteries pretty fast too, he said.  For that kind of money I'd rather have a quadcopter with a GoPro attached.  

All in all a fairly eventful weekend, as such things go here in Floriduh.


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