Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

This was in a parking lot in St. Pete.  My question is:  how does one get in it?  Or, rather, how would an old guy like me get in it?

Looks like one of the displaced moving into the Bedlam Estates right across the street.

Saw this girl walk in while we were at Chipotle last weekend.  Apparently there was some function in Clearwater.  Funny thing was, three Largo Police officers came in for lunch and the looks they gave her was such that I wish I'd had my camera out.  

But for sheer beauty its tough to beat this '67 Buick Electra convertible I spotted at Publix last weekend.  Sure, its paint was done cheaply (you an see the fanning above the right rear quarter panel), and there are some dents and bruises here and there, but it still retains its elegant lines and monstrous proportions.  A huge boat that I'd love to try to squeeze in my garage.  Oh wait, I don't have a garage. Drat!    

These caterpillars are all over the place down here right now.  

Listen to Miss Norah tell me NOT to touch them.  Kind of hilarious in a frantic sort of way. 

Mark and Holly are on a 2 week trip out West.  Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Tombstone, so far.  Sounds like the crazy kids are seeing a lot of great stuff.  Ah, envy. 

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