Friday, July 24, 2015

Flashback Friday

It's hard to imagine Seaton ever having had parades if you drive through it today.  A major removal of old brick building on main street years ago left only the post office.  Since then a restaurant was built but torn down from my days as a kid there was the gas station, Chism's heating and plumbing business.  The big old restaurant on the west corner that the Blackman's had, then the Wheelers is gone, too.  The old newspaper building is gone and whichever building used to have a billiards and barber shop is gone, too. 

It was a different time and small towns still had a place in America.  Not so much anymore.  The following pictures were taken during the summer of 1966.  I don't know what the occasion was but I do vaguely remember go carts one time when they brought in some rides and stuff.  Unfortunately I won't be able to provide much information on these pictures but I'll do what I can.   The film has become almost entirely saturated with red and also they have had sustained some damage to areas.    

This picture and the one below are populated by people I don't know.  It is titled Protectors of Freedom and the army guy look like Keith someone.  As for the others its anyone's guess.  The big building int he background is the State Bank of Seaton which exists today, although by a different name.  I suspect when all the other buildings/businesses and residential homes are gone, they'll still open their doors, if for no other reason than sheer stubbornness.  That little Ford tractor was much like the one I mowed with out at Uncle Ed's farm.

I get the WAC, and the sailor and army guys, but what I don't get is what the two lead characters represent.  What's he got on his head?  A sombrero?  A pasta strainer?   

A great 4-H project float - caged kids.  

Miss Wool Illinois,  Terry Lee Johnson.  Miss Johnson represented Illinois and Indiana for 1966-1967 and just happened to be from Seaton, so she must have been quite the local celebrity.   By the way, that's a nice '65 Ford Galaxie and similar to one I had for a few years in G-Burg. 

Want some candy?  I'll give you two handfuls.  Sitting down at the rear is Squire Greer, one of those guys when you are young are always old.  I probably never said more than a sentence or two to the guy but I had more of a history with his wife.  Some older guys we hung out with put me up to ringing their back doorbell then running into the cornfield.  She wasn't too happy with me when I forgot the part about running into the corn.  She gave me a pretty good verbal blistering.   

That white building in the background is the fire station and its still there, too.  Seaton has Power Days when collectors bring their restored tractors to town and they open up the station for pancake breakfast.  They also had a Homecoming of sorts a few years ago and I went.  They had a parade then, too.  Other than that, Seaton is slowly fading away.  A lot like the pictures - age has changed its tint.  

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