Thursday, July 6, 2017

Single Picture Post #1

Okay, these single wordless pics of some nighttime sky pics I took while in Northlandia may not be wordless after all.  Some context is necessary.  I had wanted the pictures to simply speak for themselves, but being the yakker I am, I have to add more, more, more to something that yells less, less, less.

This and the other ones I post were all taken within an area around Emerald City.  This particular one was taken at the north lagoon, an eerily beautiful place just outside of town that is perhaps my favorite spot for night shoots.  It is wonderful only as long as my mind doesn't wander to possible creatures lurking about wanting old tired blood for breakfast.  I might be growing up because I went out there three times and not only survived but didn't spook myself either. 

Photo details:  Taken 6/5/2017, 5:15 AM, 12mm, 30 second exp., ISO 800    

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