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A Wedding In Zephyrhills

You have heard me talk about my high school buddy, Ed Johnson many times on this site.  As you know, then, he has a son, Michael,  who lives in the woods somewhere between Dade City and Zephyrhills.  Yes, you can get there from here, but it is a long and winding road that takes you through the Dark City, the unnameable place.

I took such a trip, and gladly, to help Ed finish the "Gazebo On Steroids" (see post dated 4/23/14) and promised you a look at it when finished and how it played a role in Michael's and Dee Dee's wedding.

The wedding was on March 16th, and was a fine and warm event.  

This was the refrigerator magnet that the two sent to remind everyone of the special day. Clever, no?  As you can tell, Michael is a Packer fan, just like his father, and when you can get your bride-to-be to have a sports team play a pivotal role in your wedding plan's why, then, you've found someone very special.  Those two jerseys war also at the reception and all guests were invited to scribble on them a message to the couple.  Nice touch.

Now you see why the gazebo, or double-deck, was so important for Ed to finish.  It was firstly, his gift to the couple, and secondly, it was where the nuptials were to take place.  

Not everyone was paying close attention to the ceremony.

It was a very nice ceremony and you can see why everything just had to work:  the finished gazebo, the weather, the grass seed germination.  Nice job, Ed.

Meanwhile, at the reception it looks an awful lot like I am holding a lecture of some sort, and this unflattering pose has me vexed.  Ed, ever the gentleman,  patiently lets me finish, then buys me a beer.  If he'd bought me the beer before I wouldn't have wasted people's time with my nonsense.

Ed and Deb Johnson.  Both are funny and Deb was nice enough to remind me that during their wedding I was pulled over (leading the wedding party to their reception) by the cops for speeding, a fact that I had conveniently and mercifully forgotten.

A Mother-Son dance.  I always cry at weddings.  I always drink at receptions.

Michael with the folks and the new in-laws.  

I had a great time, and it is always nice to see Ed.  I hadn't seen Deb in a while and her wit was refreshing to see in a action again.  Best of luck to the newlyweds, and if you  need a pool boy, just let me know.  I'm between gigs at the moment.


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