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I saw this whilst going to Publix for groceries.  It was parked right next to me. And, no, I don't have a clue. 

Kenzie took these pics of Norah for you wildlife lovers out there.

Central Avenue is the art center of town.  Consider it the Seminary Street of St. Pete, only many blocks long.  They have several art galleries that I like to check out every so often and saw this, um, modern looking steampunkt sculpture in the window of one of them.

This wasn't St. Pete but rather further south in an outlet mall outside Ellenton, Florida.  Parking is tough in this very popular outside mall, and it is even tough when jerks like tis guy parks in such such an inconvnentit spot for everyone else.  There is plenty of room on down where he could have easily been out of the way, but I guess he just wanted to create chaos.  

Spotted along Central Avenue, this van is a one-of-a-kind trip, with decals covering about every square inch.

These guys were painting a very vibrant red-orange on a new shop about to open up.  Ah, the joys and fears of creating a new business.  This part, the painting and decorating has to be the easiest aspect to it all.

This is a Lamborghini.  They cost a lot of money and go very fast.

Drew and I and clan were going to the firing range at a place called Bill Jackson's down here and parked in front was this mint 1976 Buick Limited.  

And as I was about to head-on inside after my shot, I noticed the front license plate.  Good old Land of Lincoln '76 plates.  Tears damn near came to my eyes.


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