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Tidbit Tuesday

1.  Hope you enjoy this week's worth of posts, because I have it on good authority that this place is shutting down next week for Safe Boating Week as well as Dementia Awareness Week.  We'll only be gone for a few days so in that period of time I want everyone to play nice or heads will roll when I return.  But this doesn't mean that you are without your homework assignments.  While I'm gone I have a couple projects for you and we will share when I get back.  More on that later.

(You sage long-time readers already know this, but for the newbies, I'm letting you in on a secret:  whenever we close down for a week, that usually means we are running out of material.  I must break the chains that bind me to Shawshank and find "stuff" to post.)

2.  While accompanying everyone to some shopping on Sunday,  I was at a place called Beall's (pronounced Bell's, oddly enough) and they have these chairs up toward the doors for the guys to sit if they aren't into the shopping experience.  I noticed this obviously homeless/vagrant guy checking out the waste container outside.  He lifted the lid and reached down and grabbed an old container of some liquid,  probably soda, and took some gulps of it and then splashed some on his face to cool himself, I suppose.  

He then reached down and grabbed one tennis shoe and then another.  I suppose in his circle, this is quite a good haul.  These pictures are of him on the ground trying on his new sneakers.  

There is real poverty in the country.  Many of the sidewalk beggars down here actually make a decent living, many making in the mid-5 figures.  Not every bum hawking alongside the road or standing at the ready besides businesses are scamming.  This guy wasn't begging and he wasn't preying on people walking around.  This guy was truly scavenging.  It made me thankful for being in the percentage of folks that don't have to open public waste receptacles for a drink. 

2.  Time apparently doesn’t heal all wounds, as evidenced by this iconic feud between these two greats (Bette Davis and Joan Crawford). These legendary actresses had a feud between them that dated all the way back to 1935.  Joan Crawford got on Bette Davis’ bad side when she married Davis’ co-star in Dangerous, Franchot Tone. Davis had fallen in love with Tone and felt Crawford stole him away from her. When the two were paired up for the movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, it was reported that Davis had a Coca Cola machine installed inside of her dressing room, in order to make a dig at Crawford since her husband at the time was the CEO for Pepsi. These two fought till the end, Crawford passed away first with Davis stating “you should never say bad things about the dead, only good…Joan Crawford is dead…good.”

3.  Happy Belated Mother's Day to all those who qualify.  

4.  Here is your weekly wildlife picture, spotted at the Egg Platter restaurant this past Saturday.

5.  Saw a quote this week from somewhere that life isn't measured in years - it is measured in stories.  I like that.


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