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Tidbit Tuesday

1.  I found this video of a 2010 putting match here between Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller.  I don't know what the event was or why they were doing this with live mic's but it is nevertheless quite priceless.    

2.  We are all refreshed from a week off and the staff is ready to start work again.  Vacation pics will be coming in the next few weeks.   

3.  Would someone please tell me why people lower their drawers below their ass cheeks.  Please!

This guy had just left Wal-Mart and was rearranging his bags.  His shorts were well below his boxers.  Now, I have no problem with the young challenging the establishment.  Hell, I did it myself.  But why the sagging?  

4.  In a Tuesday Tidbit a couple weeks or so ago I took a couple pictures of a guy dumpster-diving and enjoying someone's old soda and finding shoes at a Beall's store.  It wasn't more than a week later I was at McDonalds and a guy walked in, went to the trash can, found a cup and proceeded to fill it with soda at the fountain area.  

While I was there, no fewer than three guys came into a McDonald's who were obviously of the homeless, or at the least street variety, gentlemen.  They walked in and went to the various waste receptacles and once they found a throw-away cup, would then go and full them up at the fountain.  

This guy needs to find his fellow diver from Beall's - his shoes are too small so the heel sticks out.  Now, I am aware that you can't feed every starving Indian that wanders into camp, it is a little unsettling to this small-town Illinois kid to see such abject poverty. 

5.  Good luck to the Wombie, who has a tough day tomorrow.

6.  I'm old enough to remember when horns were on cars to honk at other drivers, not as a door-lock confirmation.  In fact, in high school I even had one of those moo horns I got from JC Whitney on my car.  Hmmm.  Wonder if one of those would work on my cycle?  


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