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Early Morning on April 27th, just before sunrise, barely visible in the Eastern sky was an Old Moon.  This name is given to a moon whose cycle is about over.  In a day or so it will no longer be seen and then give way for a new one.  
It was a nice morning here so I went down to Vinoy to take some pictures, but discovered the place was packed with runners convening in the area for the St. Anthony's Triathlon.

Easily fixed:  I went over to Demen's Landing which was much quieter, but was the place where St. Pete police met to take their Ski-doos out to patrol the Bay for the runners.  They weren't worried about an old guy with a camera, I discovered.   Anyway here are the shots I took.  It was a quick shoot (see? I even talk like a photographer!); I didn't want stranded downtown.  

Ever the detail guy, I have forgotten which planet this was to the right of the moon on this morning.  Of course I could have said any one of them and gotten by with it, but my journalistic integrity got int he way.

There is one guy who reads this blog and his name is Tony Hutson who would know exactly how to take these shots far more superbly that I.  Tony worked with me at the Mary and now is a postal supervisor down in Springfield.  Check out his page on my links and look at the wonderful pictures he takes.  They are for sale, too.  They would look great in any area of your home or office.  Sales pitch over.    

By the way, on some of these shots you can see the crescent and visible in a lighter shade is the rest of the moon.  This area is visible due to reflection of light from the earth and is called Earthshine.   

The camera, again, is the real star of this blog, certainly not the slamming, drooling, maniacal idiot behind the viewfinder.     


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