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Flashback Friday

It is Spring everywhere.  The temperatures have risen, the crocuses have emerged from their deep seasonal sleep and folks have found the front door and escaped their winter prisons. 

It happens every year.  The following pictures are of Marj and Herb and their cocker spaniel, Sandy. The year is unknown but probably safe to say around the late 40's.  Herb would have been home from World War II in 1946, and probably before he began work in Seaton with his father at the grain elevator.   

Sandy looks like a pup, so maybe it is closer to mid-40's.  Hard to say.  But it is not hard to imagine the warm day, the need to be outside after a long winter.  These guys are just starting out, their hopes and dreams have yet to be stamped in history.  

I don't know too much about Sandy, she was before my time.  But she looks like a sweet pup.  Most of this series of pictures is unknown to me.  I have no idea where they were taken but it wouldn't surprise me to learn it was Ponemah.   That is where Marj's folks lived while Dick worked as an engineer on the Sinclair pipe station there.  Of course, we;ll never know, but let's imagine it Springtime, with thee two crazy kids madly in love, enjoying the warmth and a new puppy.  The start of my family.


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