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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  It isn't often you see signage mistakes that are not only funny, but remain for all to see.   Ulmerton Road, just a short walk from Bedlam,  is a main artery and one of those busy, many-lanes, fairly unattractive city streets that one wouldn't readily know it were in Clearwater or Anchorage.  

This is a mistake that no one seems to be in a hurry to change.  All the better, I guess.  

2.  Too much going on a round here, I guess. The annual Mainsail Art Festival at the Vinoy park was held last weekend and it slipped my mind.  Drat.  One of the truly great things to attend here.  This is the invitational show where in years past I have paid a fortune for original art.  Makes me feel cultured.  I hate that I missed it for two reasons.  The first is simply that it hads become a time-honored tradition.  This is the day I gather all the clan willing to wander with me to get out amongst the well-washed St. Petersburg upper crust and look at creative genius.  The second reason is because I forgot about it.  What that say about my mental faculties?   Oh well, I saved some money.

3.  My Little Fashionista

4.   One of my not-so-secret pleasures of the day was to watch the Colbert Report and then The Daily Show.  Two middle-age white guys who provided lots of laughs at the expense of the politicos.  But I'm afraid that is about to change.  Colbert is gone and has been replaced by a Larry Wilmor, a black man with a decided black take on things.  As for the Daily Show, Jon Stewart is leaving and being replaced by Noah Trevor, a black South African.  

I've watched Wilmore's show a few times and he's generally OK,  but after a short monologue they get in a kind of round-table thing and chat.  Certainly not as inventive as the genius Colbert.  And, no doubt, I'll catch Trevor to see what he does, but its times like these I give an inward sigh and wonder why things must change.  

5.  Surprisingly good flick, A Walk Among the Tombstones.  Liam Neeson does his Neeson thing as an unlicensed private eye, but with a world-weariness that is true and endearing.  It didn't make a ton of money and wasn't one of those tired super-hero things.  A pretty good story, good characters and certainly worth a watch.  

6.  Poor Strato

I've pretty much stopped trying to duct tape my bike cover together.  The poor old girl is just going to have to put up with the elements until we get her garaged. 

7.  Dragonflies are cool.  Norah and I spotted this one the other day on one of our walks. 

8.  Finally, there is a a current ad on TV shilling for Xarelto.  Annie Palmer, some comedian and some NASCAR driver are talking about its benefits.  I noticed both the other guys each touched Arnie.  

I don't know,  he's a god of sorts.  I'm not sure I'd ever tap him like some kind of prized goose but maybe that's what you do with immortals.  

Thanks for Stopping by.


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