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At The Market

Catching any farmer's market, be it in G-Burg or St. Pete is usually worthwhile.   I recall fondly the ones up in Northlandia for a wide variety of items and running into acquaintances.  Here in St. Pete the sheer number of vendors; foods, soaps, honey's, clothes, hats and on and on is mind-numbing.  Be prepared for lots of dogs (good thing) and heavy crowds (bad thing) because during most months except high-heat summer, this is one of the go-to places for fun.    

Toward the end of this short clip I gave Norah a dollar to put into their tip box.  You can see her and Mommy in the final seconds.

As you no doubt know this was around St. Patrick's and this group was a very entertaining and lively Irish band.  I apologize for the short nature of the videos, I should have made them longer for your enjoyment.  

Mackenzie and Norah clear the way for a run down through the many tents of people selling goodies, hats, and almost anything you can think of. 

If you can stomach the crowds its a fun place to wander and shop.

This lady was chalk drawing a St. Patricks's day themed picture. 

All in all a good way to start a new week,  clicking our heels and dancing an Irish jig.  Alright now everybody, on your feet!


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