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More River Street In Savannah



Today we continue our stroll down River Street in Savannah.  Not much has changed in the 80 years since the 1937 picture was taken.  I don't know when these old huge warehouses were built but when cotton was king the bustle of the bundles coming and going out, not to mention exchange day must have been electrifying.

Savannah still has a world-class harbor with big freighters arriving and leaving constantly.  Cotton is no longer the main business, however.  Now there are small shops, antique stores and very neat cafes all along the street in the warehouse that used to hold commodities.  These two tugs were traveling in tandem probably to prepare a ship heading out of harbor.  

Interesting picture of three types of ship:  on the left is a replica of the Pinta, a tug and a huge freighter on the far right. 

These work horses not only maneuver and escort the freighters, but also take harbor pilots to and from ships who actually do the driving when these big ships travel the river.  

It was fun to see the perspective of the Pinta.  It was small and would be pretty iffy on those cross ocean crossings.  I suppose you have to figure that back when it was sailing it was probably huge to its passengers.  

Beautiful Talmadge Bridge that takes you over to Hutchison Island and then north to South Carolina. 

This little dinghy was moored off the pier.  That was one nice looking boat and while we were around it a couple kids came up topside and wee playing around in the wheelhouse.  Imagine being a 13 year old kid and traveling with the folks in this.  

The street "looks" old, too.  To its credit the city has embraced its history and has run with it.  The place is built around squares in a grid-like configuration with memorials to every conceivable event that has happened in the past 300 years. 

The facade of the buildings down here have been maintained has original as possible, I think.  The old winding stairs, the metal walkway overpasses, the cobblestone streets and teeming people out and walking this city makes it a fun experience.  

 Silent watchers of time passing, these windows have framed generations of Southern sons and daughters.  River Street is my kind of place:  a veritable breathing link of today that can whisk you back to a time long gone.  Oh, and that ice cream shop was pretty neat, too.  Oh God, yes.  


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