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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  The Florida summer heat is starting.  This is when you most certainly don't want anywhere near this penis of a state.  It literally sucks the life right out of you.  From now until September we will be enclosed in some form of air-conditioned cage. 

2.  Norah is coming up with all kinds of interesting things to call me when I say "no".  Among the best are:  "You're weird", "Fine! I can't believe it", "Dude", "You're so annoying" and just the other day, "Jesus freak".   It's kind of funny because when she hurls these little bombs at me she immediately looks up to see if she has crossed the line.  Hey, Norah, Papa's line is that barely distinguishable thing way out there.  

3.  Speaking of Norah...

Learning How To Manage Difficult Foodgroups

4.  Over toward the West last week I saw this wonderful example of a cumulus lenticular cloud formation.   I have said in the past that the huge cloud formations down here are something you won't see in Northlandia very often.  Must have to do with sea-land configurations, but the size and beauty of many cloud formations is awe-inspiring.  

5.  I saw The Imitation Game over the weekend.  I recommend it, it was very good.

6.  Seen on a recent trip to Target:  

This is Junior, ugly as sin, hung, and 2 years old.  

This is, well, I'm not sure what is going on here, but I think that's enough for one day.  


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